QSO System

Why QSO?

In the transport activity of liquid products it is necessary to maintain constant control and precise handling of the product, either to prevent them from being tampered, or to control spills or improper subtractions from tanks or fuel tank trucks.

The QSO System control module can be applied to industries as diverse as ingestible products such as milk, oil or wine, or of varied industrial use, such as acids, solvents, paints, pesticides, or fuels, among many others.

How does QSO work?

The system blocks the loading / unloading channels individually with positive atmosphere, to be unlocked with 6 parameters that must be crossed in the tank as the vehicle reaches the final destination of each tank or compartment (assigned by the client company), giving qualitative and quantitative security to your client, locking back to finish the loading / unloading when moving back to its former destination.

Simultaneously (via webcam) we generate video backups of all breakouts (openings) and unsuccessful attempts to violate the "QSO System", migrating them (via WiFi) to the assigned PC.