Letter from Penta Security to Lobostop S.A.

Penta Letter Dear Mr. Gallardo :

Thank you very much for the presentation and demonstration of the product they sell. We believe the technology and its potential in controlling losses of all kinds of products , both liquid and granular . Additionally from the point of view of fleet control and safety valve opening , it seems that system is fantastic.

We are interested in potential applications of your system to our customers in the loss control and fleet control . We are always looking for innovative technologies that help our customers control and reduce their risks.

According to what was discussed , there is a risk associated fuel distributors to "Errors Dispatch Fuels " . This innovation would be an interesting product to offer our customers. Today, a bad fuel ships generates a great loss to our members , ranging from loss of profit after sales , selling pollution and altered products .

We are available to evaluate products and services that may be of interest to our customers, both insured and brokers.


Patricio Palacios Labbé