Lobostop S.A. was born in 2004, thanks to the usufruct of its first invention "Gas Alarm System Underwater" (Pat. Inv. CL # 39037) for the salmon industry, whose first prototype installed in Cultivos Yadrán S.A., Isla Coldita, Quellón, I. Grande de Chiloé, was co-funded by FONTEC-CRFO with US. $ 100,000. -.

Since then, to date, the Company has 23 shareholders, with 3 companies and 20 individuals, and the usufruct of its second invention: "QSO System" (Pat. Inv. CL # 480 311) and its Board of Directors:

Filosophy of LOBOSTOP S.A.

Provide the general industry and customers of freight to transport their products, a system of global security to avoid external manipulation from the factory to your client, and vice versa.

Developed with an invention that integrates technologies applied in the automation industry and information technology, banking, military, communications, logistics traceability and transport, always in harmony with the environment.